STEM Apocalypse

4 scientists experts on Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics traveled to space with their goal of apply their knowledge to save a planet, during the trip, an accident fusion all 4 scientist joined themselves in one; a new traveler collide in his destiny planet where creatures anti-science, anti-Mathematics, anti-Technology and anti-engineering (anti-STEM) lives, he must use their knowledge in order to save the planet and survive.

  • Move: WASD
  • Shoot: Left Click
  • AIM: Mouse
  • Special Attack: Right CLick
  • Change Faction: Space Bar

Developed by:

  • Jimmy Andres Moya Suarez (Darkkarix)
  • Brayan Arley Tabares Chaparro (MrParadax)
  • Juan Pablo Triviño Monje
  • Daniel Alberto Rosales Castro
  • Tomas Felipe Ramirez
  • Jose Daniel Herrera (Zafire Dragoon)


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