In a world of millennials, 3 classes of these fight in epic arenas to be the king of the millennials, take the role of Crosen, Laura sad or virgo and live this adventure.

Laura Sad: 

Typical millennial addicted  to social networks, her biggest hobby is posting photos with filters

Attack: Social network filter attack, stuns the enemy.


Geek addicted to the technology, computer expert and video game lover

Attack: Attack in hacking area, reverse enemy controls.


It is the millennial that blames the millennial of the current state of the world, even though it is a millennial.

Attack: Wave attack, push the enemy.


1 player:

Movement: WASD

Attack: space bar


2 Player:

Movement: Arrows

Attack: Right Ctrl

Developed by:

Jimmy Moya

Andres Davila

Giovanna Pacheco

Juan Molina

Julian Santos


crosenAge.rar 87 MB

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